Tuesday, November 8, 2011

new shoot from LA!

  1. photographed four amazing models in los angeles for editorial. beautiful natural makeup by www.irismoreau.com!

Monday, November 7, 2011

brittany and adam

she chose to wear NOT a white gown.
they look like hollywood stars!
rosewood hotel in menlo park.....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

editorial in fantastics magazine comes out!

shot this great bridal fashion story with three great models: chetna and caitlyn at city models and jennifer at ford models. rebecca sell did the gorgeous hair and makeup (use her for your wedding day!). shot against my coffee colored living room wall- we got the dresses and jewels from ATELIER DES MODISTES in my tony neighborhood of russian hill. go see susan hanley there for your dress- she is the nicest and hippest. hope you enjoy this funky pix!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

west virginnie or bust!!!!

my dear friend andrea asked me to shoot her daughter's wedding. have known perford (margaret) since she was a little girl to it was like my own daughter getting hitched. they flew me out to the beautiful hills of west virginia. pegford is a natural gal and she grew all the veggies and flowers and baked for the reception. it was kinda neat. she married chaz who is an award winning fiddler so the music was a real hootin' nanny- line dancing and all. they got married in a beautiful hidden meadow next to a creek. it had poured the day before, so they had to put down a bunch of wooden logs for the guests to cross over the flooded field. good thing i didn't tumble over with my camera.
it was an interesting crowd, all locals and then the other half were native american indians from new jersey! a real melting pot to say the least...........

alabama couple book me!

this lovely couple from the south came back to san francisco to get married at grace cathedral for sentimental reasons..... (private). charlie and ellen were thee ultimate in class. it was just the three of us and i was their "witness" believe it or not. they got married in the smaller chapel at grace (the one on the right side). afterwards we did the location fun shots and then they invited me back to their suite at the fairmont for a glass to celebrate. this bed shot is one of my favorite photos i have ever taken. thanks charlie and ellen!

kiss me if you love me!

love them. love her hair too! another flood mansion fairytale......

robyn and sam!!

here is robyn and sam's wedding held at the flood mansion in pacific heights. uber cool couple, movie star looks and good taste too. robyn used my two friends- tamra marie for makeup and laurie lucov for their cake, so i was working amongst friends which makes the day even more fun. they to used the 'mexican bus' to tool around the city for location shots! we got ready at the fairmont, another gorg place for pic-taking! two of these pix were published too!